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Spinfuse is a free loop based music sequencer, beat maker, and ringtone creator app for BlackBerry smartphones. web portal will enable users to exchange sounds for use in their own Spinfuse projects, upload and download completed songs, loops, and ringtones made with Spinfuse and rate each other's work directly from within the Spinfuse application. This beta release of Spinfuse will not be utilizing the web portal's functionality yet, just the BlackBerry app itself. We thank you for your interest and support!



This is where you can add sounds in to your project

up to 16 sounds

By default at start up:

The tempo is 128 BPM (beats per minute). You would need to adjust the BPM of your project to match the BPM of the loop sounds.

The Master Volume is at 76, and maximum of 100.

You have 4 active bars, any number of bars can be easily added and/or removed from the Details Menu or the D shortcut.
Once the sound is loaded, this is where you tell Spinfuse how many times to play it in each bar.


Spinfuse Requirements
Software: BlackBerry OS 4.3 and greater
Hardware: Micro SDCard 1 GB and greater

 Help Menu - brings up all of the shortcuts mentioned below.
Space Bar and/or P
 Save Current Project.
 Start a New Project.
 Open an Existing Project.
 Export Project as WAV - Song / Loop / Ringtone - (Export as MP3 is not available in beta release).
 Jump to Bar 01 - Return cursor focus to the beginning of the project.
 Loop On/Off - Play specified Bar data in continuous loop.
 Send Spinfuse to the Background - Perform other tasks while rendering and/or playing music
 Edit Details - functions include Add/Remove Bars, Change Project Title, Audio Outputs, and Backlight.
 Delete Files From Device - Allows removal of Spinfuse .sf projects, loops, and sounds.


Use the Trackball to highlight "Load Sound" and press/push the Trackball. From here you will be able to select the sounds you have saved on your microSD card.

To return to the previous screen or folder press the Escape key.

(supported file formats WAV and MP3 -- MP3 loads slower b/c it must convert from MP3 to WAV first). MP3 is the default file format for downloading and uploading to/from

Spinfuse Folder Structure:

Located on the SDCard inside the BlackBerry folder

Spinfuse - is the main application folder.
Exported - when using Export as Song saves the file here.
Projects - Spinfuse .SF files folder, i.e. your own songs and loops.
Sounds - contains the sub-folders Loops, Single, and My Own Loops.

When you load a sound you have three folders:

Loops This is the default folder for all loops downloaded or exchanged through the website.
Single This is the default folder for all single shot sounds, i.e. claps, bass drum, highs, snare, etc ...
My Own Loops This is the default folder for all exported loops you made with Spinfuse.


Scroll over the sound you wish to load and while highlighted you may press the Space Bar to preview the sound before you load it.


Also from this menu you may use the R shortcut which will allow you to delete files such .MP3, .WAV, and Spinfuse's own .SF project files.

All deletions are permanent and cannot be undone, so please use caution when deleting files.


When the selected sound is loaded it will show its channel number ## and T I S M V P R channel functions.
Please see the complete T I S M V P R usage and details below.

Once your sound is loaded it would look as such.

Scroll over to highlight BAR 01 on sound 01 and press/push
Trackball to show the bar sequence menu of that channel.

By default the squares 01, 05, 09, 13 are in
darker color to help you navigate easier.

Highlight the square(s) you want the sound to play and press/push
Trackball and your selection will be indicated by an orange square.
Press the Escape
key when finished editing this bar.

The orange square represents the beat where your single shot sound
(such as drum, snare, claps, hi-hats) will play or if a loop sound is
used the beat where your loop begins playing.

To duplicate bar data from one to another you could use the
Copy / Paste / Clear function by pressing the Menu key.
Note: The Menu key works only in the bar section as seen above.

When you have finished loading all sounds and editing bar placement
press the Space Bar to generate a preview of your composition.

You will be prompted to render the preview in the background
(building the file for preview may take a few seconds to a few
minutes depending on the number of sounds and bars used)

Once the preview has been rendered it will begin playing.
Any further editing after the preview will require the file to be recreated.

T - Try
 Allows you to hear the sound in that channel.
I - Information
 Shows audio file details, such as Stereo or Mono, File name and File folder on SDCard, Genre,  and BPM.
S - Solo
 Makes it the only active sound and mutes all others.
M - Mute
 Will mute this particular sound and play all others.
V - Volume
 Controls the volume of this particular sound.
P - Panning
 Allows you send the sound to the Lefr or Right speakers.
R - Remove/Replace
 Remove/Replace - This function has two sub-functions.
   1. Replace/Remove sound - Removes the sound from the project but does not remove any of the  squares from the bars.

 2. Replace/Remove sound and bar data - Will remove the sound along with any square  placements throughout bars of that channel.
 Allows you to name your channel with a friendly and easy to remember title instead of TISMVPR.